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Welcome to the AREU Blog, where our staff talk about experiences in the field and comment on their areas of expertise. As such, the posts do not necessarily represent an official AREU position, but can provide insight into research in Afghanistan. You can subscribe to the blog using the RSS icon, which will also include updates on new AREU publications.

Constitutional Implications of a National Unity Government

| Aruni Jayakody

Last Sunday the two presidential candidates, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah entered into a historic agreement to form a National Unity Government (NUG). This piece examines the constitutional implications relating to key features of the Agreement.

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Revealing the Woes in the Status of Women in Afghanistan on the Fore and on the Periphery: The Significance of the Transition Narratives

09/15/2014 | Jennefer Lyn Bagaporo

Months before the actual day of the Afghan Election for 2014 and even when the campaign period officially began, stress and worries over the status of women in Afghanistan before, during, and after transition were conveyed everywhere in the country. There was rhetoric over a possible diminish of Afghan women’s rights, which translates into the disregard of all the many years of work towards gender equality and women empowerment in Afghanistan. Thus, talk about regression of women’s status was difficult to contain and in fact was already spreading. Nearing the outcome of the second run-off (that is hoped to name the next president of the country), it could not be helped that feelings of anxiety has been piling up.

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The unseen role of women in Afghan Communities: A Journey through Jalalabad

07/21/2014 | Maryam Safi

Women in Afghan communities play a very important role in social, economic, political and cultural aspects of the life but this role is often unseen or not considering very important because women rarely appear in public spheres. In Afghan communities especially in the rural areas people says, women are not involved in economic aspects but in reality, women are having a very important but unseen role in the market or economic life. If we search about the role of women in the market, we find that women involved in farming, storing, preparing or making of items but those are selling by men. The issue came into my attention when I traveled to one of the provinces of Afghanistan to do research for Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) as part of Secure Livelihood Research Consortium (SLRC) with special focus on role of women in economic life.

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How to Save the Afghan Election

7/14/14 | Ashley Jackson

This article is written by AREU's Lead Researcher Ashley Jackson and published by the South Asia Channel. 

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AREU RESEARCH: Words Fighting A Wall

05/21/2014 | Jennefer Lyn Bagaporo

A Reflection inspired by Prof. Saif-u-Din Saihoon’s Response to AREU’s Research Project “How do Labour Programmes Contribute to Social Inclusion”

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Don’t underestimate the power of blue fingers

04/09/2014 | Wamiqullah Mumtaz

Hopes of democracy increased when people enormously participated in 2014 presidential election.The process was almost peaceful and security was tight. Slap of people on face of armed opposition. The election process was completely Afghanize.

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Fading 70s Splendour

01/23/2014 | Sofya Shahab

‘Ever green’ Jalalabad is Afghanistan’s tropical city. Littered with palm trees and a pleasant balmy climate, it bridges the gap to Pakistan: culturally, economically, and geographically. As part of the research for AREU’s component of the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) we were here to investigate market mechanisms and the emerging private sector ahead of a more detailed trip planned for later in the month.

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2014 - Welcome!

01/01/2014 | Shukria Azadmanesh

There has been much speculation as to what the coming year will mean for Afghanistan - now that it is here, we're hoping the fears and speculation will be put to rest. This is 2014.

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Securing Livelihoods Research Consortium: Exploring the ground realties in Afghanistan

06/02/2013 | Wamiqullah Mumtaz

The Secure Livelihood Research Consortium (SLRC) aims to conduct evidence-based research to understand how the livelihoods of ordinary Afghans are being secured and what can be done to cement good practices.

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Conversations with a hashish-addicted youth

05/16/2013 | Mia Ihsanullah Ghafoori

Observations from the field

As soon as the car came to a halt, I looked around for a taxi. I spotted a bare red car down the road and went to ask if it was free. When I peered into the window I saw two men, barely in their 20s, smoking hashish – the oily smell, so distinct from cigarettes was my first clue. It is a less common sight in Jalalabad, but not at all unusual, so we negotiated the fare and started the drive.

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