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Gender, youth and urban labour market participation: evidence from the tailoring sector in Kabul, Afghanistan

The creation of good jobs and decent work in conflict-affected places is widely seen to generate not just better-off households, but also safer societies and more legitimate states. However, so much of the good jobs agenda is dominated... Read More

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The state of electoral dispute mechanisms in Afghanistan

In 2010 Afghanistan faced an unprecedented situation where despite having two bodies to address electoral irregularities, the executive created an extra-constitutional measure to adjudicate electoral complaints. Ambiguities in the lega... Read More

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Unpacking the complexities of water conflicts resolution processes in Afghanistan

Over the past few decades, research in Afghanistan has paid a great deal of attention to justice and dispute resolution processes related to civil and criminal issues. However, studies focusing more specifically on water-related confli... Read More

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Despair or Hope? Opium Poppy Cultivation in post-2014 Afghanistan

Like so much else in Afghanistan, the direction that the opium economy takes after 2014 will depend on a complex matrix of factors.Those who despair point to the more than one-third increase in cultivation, with a new high in 2013. The... Read More

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Afghanistan’s Constitution Ten Years On: What Are the Issues?

January 2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the current constitution of Afghanistan. Issues have arisen since then over textual ambiguities in the constitution as well as the locus of authority that can address and clarify them. Ambigu... Read More

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Politics and Governance in Afghanistan: the Case of Nangarhar Province

This paper seeks to explore regional political dynamics and governance being undertaken by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit and the Overseas Development Institute as part of the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium. This ... Read More

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Roundtable Discussion on “Afghanistan’s Electoral Experiences”

For Afghanistan, to have a Constitution, is itself an achievement. Afghanistan has had several Constitution’s in the past, that were never put in to effect. Previous Constitutions, including the 1964 Constitution were created by rulers... Read More

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"From Bad They Made It Worse" The concentration of opium poppy in areas of conflict in the provinces of Helmand and Nangarhar

Levels of drug crop cultivation have long been seen as an indicator of the success or failure of counternarcotics efforts. However, to rely on this indicator is to misunderstand the socioeconomic and political processes that support fa... Read More

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Afghanistan: Developing a Method for Village Characterisation

This report describes the methods that are to be used to identify key village variables that might help account for ‘village behaviour’ and explain how these link to potential or actual public good delivery outcomes in Afghanistan. It ... Read More

Date: May 2014 | Download Now


The A to Z Guide to Assistance in Afghanistan 2014-Twelfth Edition

Updated each year, the A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance aims to enhance general understanding of the array of actors, structures, and government processes related to aid and reconstruction efforts in the country.... Read More

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