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“90% real”– The rise and fall of a rentier economy: Stories from Kandahar, Afghanistan

This ethnographic study started as an enquiry into the employment opportunities rural migrants have found on the informal margins of Kandahar’’s urban economy. It broadened into a more general investigation into the rise and fall of th... Read More

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Helmand on the Move: Migration as a Response to Crop Failure

This paper provides an account of how the shift in security provision from a combined ISAF and ANSF operation to one driven by local actors has impacted upon a number of different locations in central Helmand. It is based on 140 in-dep... Read More

Date: October 2015 | Download Now


Briefing note on fieldwork in Balkh Province, May 2015 Opium poppy and rural livelihoods

The following notes describe very initial findings from fieldwork done in ten villages in Balkh Province’s Chimtal and Char Bolak Districts during the first two weeks of May 2015. Located west of Mazar-e Sharif, these areas have been c... Read More

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Women and the Elections: Facilitating and Hindering Factors in the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The policy note will briefly present a framework that can help us in analysing and drawing upon motivations for women voting and running for elections, and factors that facilitate and/or hinder their participation as voters and candida... Read More

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Reaching Boiling Point: High School Activism in Afghanistan

In 2010, an AREU study investigated university students and their political orientation. This current project instead focuses on state-imparted secondary education. The companion policy brief to this study, “The Politicisation of Afgha... Read More

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Taking village context into account in Afghanistan

This study has investigated how different village contexts might influence the delivery of public goods and the impact of external interventions. It has formed part of AREU’s contribution to the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (... Read More

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Afghanistan Research Newsletter

From 2005-2011 AREU’s library produced thirty issues of the Afghanistan research newsletter (the last issue was released in July/August 2011). For a number of reasons publication ceased; however, now with renewed interest AREU has rene... Read More

Date: September 2015 | Download Now


The Politicisation of Afghanistan’s High Schools

Political activism in Afghanistan’s high schools is not new. Already during the 1960s and 1970s, the country’s new political parties identified schools and universities as ideal recruitment grounds. The New Leftist and Islamist parties... Read More

Date: July 2015 | Download Now


Politics and governance in Afghanistan: The case of Kandahar

The second in a series of case studies undertaken by the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit(AREU) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as part of the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC)’s work, this research aim... Read More

Date: July 2015 | Download Now


Mapping village variability in Afghanistan: The use of cluster analysis to construct village typologies

The evidence and analysis reported in this paper point to important differences between villages in the ways village elite behaves and the consequences this might have for the generation of public goods, both old and new, within the vi... Read More

Date: May 2015 | Download Now


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