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Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Afghanistan: A Work in Progress

The aim of this issue paper is to take stock of the conceptual setting and the current level ofGender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) implementation in Afghanistan. It provides an overview of GRB as an internationally applied, gender-mainst... Read More

Date: September 2016 | Download Now


Civil Service Reform in Afghanistan: Roles and Functions of the Civil Service Sector

This issue paper aims to conduct a broader analysis of the civil service and key policy reform processes in the sector. It seeks to understand the functions and role of the civil service sector and identify mechanisms to foster multi-l... Read More

Date: August 2016 | Download Now


Subnational Governance in Afghanistan

This issues paper on subnational governance is developed as part of the Governance Forum Afghanistan (“Govern4Afg”) project. It has two interconnected, but distinct parts. Part One takes stock of the structural, policy, and legal state... Read More

Date: July 2016 | Download Now


Bringing the State Closer to the People: Deconcentrating Planning and Budgeting in Afghanistan

This issue paper on provincial planning and budgeting contributes to the overall objective of the Governance Forum Afghanistan (“Govern4Afg”) project by assessing the existing planning and budgeting mechanisms and by recommending key a... Read More

Date: July 2016 | Download Now


The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Good Governance in Afghanistan

As part of the Governance Forum Afghanistan (“Govern4Afg”) project, this study aims to assess the role of civil society in promoting good governance in Afghanistan by critically examining the players, their roles, and the challenges th... Read More

Date: July 2016 | Download Now


When Will Transitional Justice in Afghanistan Become a Part of the Transitional Decade?

The current study has been undertaken to assess if the perceptions of Transitional Justice (TJ) as still as relevant when the “call for justice” exercise was undertaken by the AIHRC. The participants and informants of the study were ch... Read More

Date: May 2016 | Download Now


Moving with the Times: How Opium Poppy Cultivation has Adapted to the Changing Environment in Afghanistan

This “watching brief” has described a number of trends with respect to agriculture, land settlement, and opium poppy in several areas of Afghanistan. It highlights two separate but highly related issues. First, what will be farmers’ re... Read More

Date: June 2016 | Download Now


A Balancing Act for Extractive Sector Governance

This issue paper aims to examine the role and governance of the extractive sector in the economic development of Afghanistan. Specifically, the paper first addresses the threshold question as to whether, and if so, how the extractive s... Read More

Date: June 2016 | Download Now


Agriculture for Nutrition in Afghanistan Stakeholder Consultation

Much attention is given in humanitarian work to therapeutic approaches to improving the nutrition of vulnerable groups, but the contribution of agricultural development and the food system to improving rural and urban diets also needs ... Read More

Date: April 2016 | Download Now


Developing transboundary water resources: What perspectives for cooperation between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan?

Since the fall of the Taliban, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) has been actively trying to resume its hydraulic mission that was put on hold in the late 1970s. Improving water control through the construc... Read More

Date: May 2016 | Download Now


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