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Despair or Hope: Rural Livelihoods and Opium Poppy Dynamics in Afghanistan

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AREU conducted field research in Badakhshan, Balkh, Helmand and Nangarhar Provinces during the three agricultural years from 2010-11 to 2012-13, to explore the dynamics of opium poppy cultivation: the history of government policies and programmes and the ways in which

How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion ?

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Discussions around the post-2015 development goals and the proposed ‘leave no-one behind’ principle have revived global interest in inequality and the role of social protection in promoting social inclusion. The growing body of evidence on rising inequality and persistent structural

Women’s Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan, 2002-2012: Information Mapping and Situational Analysis


In the recent socio-economic culture of Afghanistan, as in most countries since the industrial revolution’s introduction of the artificial division between production and reproduction, women’s participation in the labour economy, whether productive or reproductive, has been invisible and unaccounted for

Equal Rights, Unequal Opportunities: Women’s Participation in Afghanistan’s Parliamentary and Provincial Council Elections

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The establishment of a democratic system under Afghanistan’s 2004 constitution has without doubt led to an unprecedented expansion of political participation for its women. In the years that have followed, millions of women have turned out to vote in successive

Healing the Legacies of Conflict in Afghanistan: Community Voices on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation


This paper synthesises the findings from AREU’s Legacies of Conflect research project from across the Bamiyan, Ghazni and Kabul research sites, in search of broadly acceptable approaches to address the legacies of conflict and support reconciliation in the country. It

Running out of Options: Tracing Rural Afghan Livelihoods

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Local Governances in Afghanistan: A View from the Ground

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Local Governances in Afghanistan: A View from the Ground

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This report finds that insufficient attention has been given to local governance in Afghanistan, despite the fact that most Afghan citizens encounter the state in provinces and districts. This neglect is inhibiting the significant efforts made in Kabul from having

Deconstructing “Democracy” in Afghanistan

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Deconstructing “Democracy” in Afghanistan

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Despite widespread concerns about fraud, foreign interference and ineffectiveness, there remains a clear appetite among many Afghans for a system of democratic representation. However, this must be centred firmly around their own priorities if it is to take lasting root.