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Subnational Governance in Afghanistan

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This issue paper on subnational Governance in Afghanistan, presented to the public in July 2016, is the outcome of an intense process of desk as well as empirical research and discussions involving different stakeholders. Currently, Afghanistan has a centralised government

حکومتداری محلی در افغانستان

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این نشریه تحلیلی درباره حکومتداری محلی در افغانستان که در ماه اسد سال ۱۳۹۵ به مردم ارائه شد، نتیجه یک پروسه مشتاقانه و همچنین تحقیق و بحث تجربی که ذینفعان مختلف در آن اشتراک ورزیدند،است. در حال حاضر، افغانستان یک

The Dilemma of Women and Leadership in Afghanistan: Lessons and Recommendations

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Afghanistan is a rural, patriarchal, traditional and religious society. At almost all levels, decision-making dynamics are top-down and largely informal. Identity is shaped by factors such as ethnicity, social privilege, financial assets, or by one’s authority—formal or informal—the source of