SMU Area Reports: Badakhshan

This is the first and only paper produced by AREU under its previous incarnation, the Strategic Monitoring Unit. It was designed to be the first in a series of area-based reports, which aimed to build an analytical baseline from which

“Poppy Free” Provinces: A Measure or a Target?

This report is one of seven multi-site case studies undertaken during the second stage of AREU’s three-year study “Applied Thematic Research into Water Management, Livestock and the Opium Economy” (WOL). The report details the processes by which two provinces, Nangarhar

Between Discipline and Discretion: Policies Surrounding Senior Subnational Appointments

Over the years the calls for improved governance in Afghanistan have become increasingly urgent. Understanding the various ways in which governors and district governors are appointed, and the different influences that affect the process, is important if ways are to

Challenges and Opportunities for Strengthening Licit Agricultural Livelihoods

Read the report’s executive summary.

A-Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance 2008 – Sixth Edition

The sixth edition (2008) of AREU’s flagship publication is a guide to the terms, structures, mechanisms, and coordinating bodies critical to the Afghanistan relief effort. It aims to ensure a shared vocabulary and common understanding of the forces at play

Afghans in Pakistan: Broadening the Focus

This briefing paper looked at the situation of the roughly 3 million Afghans who were residing in Pakistan at the time, and argued that the refugee framework no longer adequately addressed the reality of this transnational population.

Afghans in Peshawar: Migration, Settlements and Social Networks

This case study explored selected communities of Afghans living in Peshawar, covering dif- ferent ethnicities and phases of arrival. It looked at the livelihood strategies and support networks of Afghans who are living in Pakistan, but in this case in