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Policy Process

Status: Completed
Publications from this research project:

Governance in Afghanistan An Introduction

Afghanistan is not new to governance reform. But the establishment of a sound system of public administration is a long-term process depending on strong, sustained and coordinated partnership between and within the Afghan government and the international community. Government reform Read More

The Afghan National Army:Sustainability Challenges beyond Financial Aspects

The ANA is commonly viewed as one of post-2001 Afghanistan’s strongest institutions,if not the strongest. However, with the imminent withdrawal of international forces,the ANA’s ability to stand on its own and successfully confront its enemies faces its firstmajor test. This Read More

Means to What End? Policymaking and State-Building in Afghanistan (Summary)

Read the report’s executive summary.

Means to What End? Policymaking and State-Building in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has been in “state-building” mode since 2001, and formal policymaking has been an important tool for focusing and coordinating the efforts of the Afghan government and its international supporters. This synthesis paper considers the role that high-level policymaking has Read More

Capacity-Building Through Policymaking: Developing Afghanistan’s National Education Strategic Plan

This briefing paper examines the capacity-building and policymaking nexus through an examination of the National Education Strategic Plan and its revision. It finds that while clear strides have been made in developing the capacity of the Ministry of Education to Read More

Is Capacity Being Built? A Study of Policymaking Process in the Primary and Secondary Education Subsector

This study is one in a series of case studies conducted by AREU to understand policymaking processes in different sectors, a research project that started in September 2007. This case study focuses on the primary and secondary education subsector and Read More

The Shiite Personal Status Law Process

This is AREU’s inaugural podcast: A public lecture from researcher Lauryn Oates on 2009’s controversial Shiite Personal Status Law.

The Shiite Personal Status Law: ACBAR Presentation Notes

Notes from a presentation on AREU’s study of the Shiite Personal Status Law on 14 October 2009 at the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR).

Policymaking in Agriculture and Rural Development in Afghanistan

The agriculture sector in Afghanistan is seen to have a key role in driving economic growth. This paper examines the making of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) policy in Afghanistan. It is part of a series by AREU that looks Read More

A Closer Look: The Policy and Lawmaking Process Behind the Shiite Personal Status Law

In March 2009, news of the Shiite Personal Status Law, which included a handful of articles that restricted the rights of Afghan Shia women, exploded in the international press, galvanising heated responses from a variety of stakeholders. An AREU study Read More

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