Release of AREU’s Statement on the Importance of Elections, in Response to the London Conference

Anna Larson presented this statement on the importance of elections and political institutions, which was prepared in response to the London Conference. This received strong coverage from the national media (including TV, radio, and newspapers).

A Closer Look: The Policy and Law-Making Process Behind the Shiite Personal Status Law

This presentation by Lauryn Oates, based on the paper of the same name, was also recorded and became the first AREU podcast, now available for download.

Democratisation and Elections 2010

This informal seminar given by Anna Larson was held at the Norwegian Embassy, and included discussion with people from a number of institutions based on recent AREU research around voting patterns and perceptions of democracy.

Education Policy Process Seminar and Roundtable

AREU researcher Sayed Mohammad Shah presented preliminary findings from his research on capacity-building and policy-making in the Ministry of Education to key stakeholders. Their feedback and ideas were helpful in refining the final research report.

Workshop on Developing an Advocacy Strategy for Facilitating Access to Civilian Populations

ACBAR organised and hosted this all-day workshop at the request of its advocacy working group, which had identified the issue of access as a key focus of its 2010 advocacy strategy. AREU facilitated the workshop at ACBAR’s request.

Confronting Child Labour

AREU’s Zara Batul Nezami gave a talk on “Confronting Child Labour” in Dari as part of the Center for Policy and Human Development’s guest lecture series.

Winning Hearts and Minds? The Effectiveness of Aid as a ‘Weapons System’ in Afghanistan

Former AREU director Andrew Wilder presented results from the study of the same name. It was held at the British Embassy and included participants from the British, Danish and Norwegian embassies plus ISAF. It was followed by a lively discussion.

The State of Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

This seminar by AREU researcher Emily Winterbotham, held at the Norwegian Embassy, was well attended and sparked wide discussion on the topic of transitional justice in Afghanistan.

Between Patronage and Rebellion: Student Politics in Afghanistan

Dr Antonio Giustozzi gave a lecture on the AREU briefing paper “Between Patronage and Rebellion: Student Politics in Afghanistan.” The talk described student politics in Afghanistan and investigated the significance of trends and changes in the student politics of today Read More

Social Research Methods

Zara Batul Nezami was an invited speaker at a class at the American University of Afghanistan on Social Research Methods. She discussed students’ concerns and questions regarding how to approach a community to do research, how to approach sampling, and Read More