Livelihood trajectories in Afghanistan: Evidence from three villages in Herat Province

Poverty levels in Afghanistan have remained largely unchanged despite considerable international investment. This report examines the underlying reasons, drawing on a longitudinal study – ongoing since 2003 – of households in three villages in the Pashtun Zarghun district of Heart.

Livelihood trajectories in Afghanistan: Silent violence in Kandahar Province

This study on livelihood trajectories in Kandahar is part of the third round of a panel survey tracking the fortunes of rural Afghan households. It explores the contrasting trajectories – improving, declining and coping – across the study households.

د افغانستان د څیړنی او ارزونې اداره خپل نوې مشرې”ډاکټره اورځلا اشرف نعمت” ته د زړه له کومې ښه راغلاست وايي

ډاکټره اورځلا اشرف نعمت په نړیواله کچه بوه پیژندل شوې فعاله او څیړونکی ده. نوموړې، د ټولنپوهنې کارپوهه او خپل دوکتورا سند یې د پرمختیايي څیړنو په برخه کې د لندن پوهنتون د ختیځ او افریقايي څیړنو له پوهنځي څخه Read More

AREU Welcomes its New Director “Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat”

Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat, an internationally known Afghan activist and scholar is an expert in political ethnography, holding a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and MSc in Development Planning from the University Read More

Perceptions of Peace and Justice from the Field-Eleven Years after (A Call for Justice)

Transitional justice, as the “range of processes and mechanisms associated with society’s attempts to come to terms with the legacy of large-scale abuses to ensure accountability, serve justice, and achieve reconciliation” is a vehicle that renews the trust between the Read More

واحد تحقیق و ارزیابی افغانستان به “داکتر اورځلا اشرف نعمت” رئیس جدید این نهاد صمیمانه خوش آمدید می گوید

داکتر اورځلا اشرف نعمت یکی از فعالان و پژوهشگران برجستۀ افغان می باشد که به سطح بین المللی شناخته شده است. نامبرده کارشناس مردم شناسی می باشد که سند دکتری خود را در مطالعات انکشافی از پوهنځی مطالعات مشرق زمین Read More

Transitional Justice: Views from the Ground on How Afghanistan Fares

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU),after four years of publishing on how best to deal with the painful past, is releasing another issues paper entitled “Transitional Justice: Views from the Ground on How Afghanistan Fares.”Transitional justice, as the “range Read More

Time to Move on-Developing an Informed Development Response to Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan

After almost 15 years since the fall of the Taliban, the policy discussion on counternarcotics remains uncertain of which way to proceed. In large part, this is because policy discussion is shaped by a superficial or misguided understanding of opium Read More

Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Afghanistan: A Work in Progress

The aim of this issue paper is to take stock of the conceptual setting and the current level ofGender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) implementation in Afghanistan. It provides an overview of GRB as an internationally applied, gender-mainstreaming strategy and as an Read More

بودجه سازی جنسیت محور در افغانستان: کاری در حال پیشرفت

پروسه بودجه سازی جنسیت محور به هدف مدغم سازی چشم انداز جنسیت در سیستم ادارۀ مالی عامۀ یک کشور انجام می شود. این تحقیق بر این فرضیه استوار است که بودجۀ دولتی دارای ماهیت جنسیتی نبوده و در واقع، پالیسی Read More