Legacies of Conflict: Healing Complexes and Moving Forwards in Afghanistan

AREU researcher Emily Winterbotham presented at Oxford University on May 31. Her seminar was informed by new AREU research from three provinces in Afghanistan examining broader perceptions of and desires for justice, peace and reconciliation among local communities. The event Read More

Planning New Afghan Cities

Tommaso Giovacchini explored initial findings from AREU’s urban governance research in Charikar, Jalalabad and Herat. His roundtable examined how urban governance is negotiated across a range of different areas from centrally imposed masterplans to spontaneous settlements along with relations between Read More

Local Governance in Afghanistan: A View from the Ground

Dr. Douglas Saltmarshe and Abhilash Medhi presented on a major study of AREU on local governance in Afghanistan, which has identified weaknesses as well as a number of promising ways forward. The research was conducted in the provinces of Sar-i- Read More

Local Government is Failing to Meet Local Needs

The success or failure of Afghanistan’s 2014 transition will in large part depend on the legitimacy and effectiveness of its government. Local government at the provincial, district and village level is critical in this equation because it is where Afghan Read More

District Councils: The Missing Middle of Local Governance

This roundtable emerged from AREU’s wider study of local governance and focuses specifically on issues encountered at the district level. Participants highlighted the weakness of district structures compared to those at the provincial and village level; the confusion and complexity Read More

Legacies of Conflict: Exploring Policy Options for Afghanistan

Emily Winterbotham discussed the results of research into legacies of conflict in Afghanistan and explored their implications for policy. In attendance were representatives of a variety of government agencies, NGOs and embassies. Emily outlined findings from Kabul, Bamiyan and Ghazni, which Read More

“Victims’ Rights, Justice and Reconciliation” at the European Parliament

On 10 November, AREU participated in a panel discussion at the European Parliament that aimed to bring the voices of Afghan conflict victims to the forefront. The panel presented findings of AREU’s three-year research project documenting legacies of conflict and Afghan Read More

Potential Role of the Extractive Sector in Afghanistan Economic Development

On the 9th of December, 2015, AREU hosted an Open Dialogue on the Potential Role of the Extractive Sector in Afghanistan Economic Development. This event was part of Gov4Afg project that is implemented together with German partners. During this session, Read More

Women’s Participation in Development

This workshop in Mazar-i-Sharif brought together stakeholders of AREU’s project on women’s participation in development. The project has focused specifically on the effects of women’s participation in microfinance initiatives and the National Solidarity Programme, and representatives from related organisations in Read More

Legacies of Conflict in Afghanistan

The was the final event of AREU’s legacies of conflict research project. The one-day workshop brought together a variety of stakeholders, including victims’ groups, civil society organisations, politicians and administrators. It featured presentations and discussion of key findings with lead Read More