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Moving with the Times: How Opium Poppy Cultivation has Adapted to the Changing Environment in Afghanistan

This “watching brief” has described a number of trends with respect to agriculture, land settlement, and opium poppy in several areas of Afghanistan. It highlights two separate but highly related issues. First, what will be farmers’ response to changes in Read More

Briefing Note on Fieldwork in Kandahar Province, December 2015 – January 2016: Opium Poppy and Rural Livelihoods

This briefing note provides initial observations from fieldwork conducted between 14 December 2015 and 8 January 2016 in ten field sites within Arghandab, Panjwai, and Zharai Districts of Kandahar Province. In 2014/15, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs Read More

The Devil is in the Details: Nangarhar’s continued decline into insurgency, violence and widespread drug production

Nangarhar – a province that historically has been one of the major entry points for the capture of Kabul – is in complete disarray. It lies in chaos, riven by a process of political fragmentation that has increased in both Read More

Helmand on the Move: Migration as a Response to Crop Failure

This paper provides an account of how the shift in security provision from a combined ISAF and ANSF operation to one driven by local actors has impacted upon a number of different locations in central Helmand. It is based on Read More

Briefing note on fieldwork in Balkh Province, May 2015 Opium poppy and rural livelihoods

The following notes describe very initial findings from fieldwork done in ten villages in Balkh Province’s Chimtal and Char Bolak Districts during the first two weeks of May 2015. Located west of Mazar-e Sharif, these areas have been counted among Read More

Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Afghanistan Research Programme

Decades worth of attempts to engineer a social transformation in Afghanistan from its existing social order to one more reflective of Western norms have largely failed to take root and have often helped consolidate a rule ofpatronage and personalized relationships.

The contribution of BRAC’s life skills education and livelihoods trainings to social inclusion in Afghanistan

This study adopts a social exclusion lens to analyse the effects of BRAC’s life skills education and livelihoods trainings for young women in Afghanistan and tests assumptions about the role labour programmes can play in contributing to social inclusion. It Read More

د ځمکی اداره په مهم پړاوکی د افغانستان د څمکی د نوی وړاندیز شوی قانون یوه بیا کتنه

د افغانستان د ځمکې د مدیریت د پخواني قانون وروستۍ بیا کتنه  چې په ۱۳۸۷ کال کې تر سره شوه له سره تر بیاکتنې لاندې ده. د ۱۳۹۱ کال په نیمايي کې له سلو څخه زیات تعدیلات په رسمي توګه Read More

مديريت زمين در بلا تكليفى نگاهى به قانون جديد پيشنهاد شده براى مديريت اراضى افغانستان

قانون سابقه مديريت اراضى افغانستان كه آخرين بار در سال 2008 مورد بازبينى قرار گرفت، اينك براى بار دوم تجديد نظر مى شود. تا نيمه هاى سال 2012 ، بيش از يكصد مورد اصلاحات در اين قانون پيشنهاد گرديده است. Read More

د افغانستان د ټاکنو د سیستم جوړونه د اصلاحاتو لپاره دلایل او اختیارونه

د ټاکنو سیستم په ۲۰۰۵ کال کې له وضع کېدو راهیسی د افغانستان د ولسي جرګې (پارلمان) د ټاکلو لپاره په هېواد کې د ډیموکراتیک ټیکاو او سیاسي مشروعیت بنسټونو ته اساسي بڼه ورکړه. دافغانستان د ۳۴ ولایتونو په کچه Read More