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Deconstructing “Democracy” in Afghanistan

Despite widespread concerns about fraud, foreign interference and ineffectiveness, there remains a clear appetite among many Afghans for a system of democratic representation. However, this must be centred firmly around their own priorities if it is to take lasting root. Read More

Undermining Representative Governance: Afghanistan’s 2010 Parliamentary Election and its Alienating Impact

Instead of bringing citizen and state closer together, the 2010 parliamentary election increased the distance between many Afghans and their government. “Undermining Representative Governance” details this finding, showing that a majority of research respondents are being alienated by a process Read More

The Future of Democratisation in Afghanistan

AREU governance researcher Anna Larson delivered this public lecture on 25 August 2009. In it she explores the future of democratisation in Afghanistan through a synthesis of Afghan perspectives from six provinces.

Governance Structures in Nimroz Province

This case study examined popular perspectives on democracy and governance structures in Nimroz Province—an area far removed from the political centre in Kabul and strongly influenced by its proximity to neighbouring Iran. Its remoteness has left it vulnerable to natural Read More

The Wolesi Jirga in Flux, 2010: Elections and Instability I

This paper critically analyses the effects of elections in the current context of 2010, with a specific focus on the Wolesi Jirga, its members and new candidates. It is part of a series on elections in 2009-10. It draws on Read More

Speaking from the Evidence: Governance, Justice and Development—Policy Notes for the 2010 Kabul Conference

As Afghan and international leaders met in Kabul, following the London Conference earlier in 2010, they sought to commit to strategies that can lead the people of Afghanistan to a brighter, more secure future. These policy notes aim to inform Read More

Democratisation and Elections

A policy note prepared by AREU on the occasion of the 2010 Kabul Conference.

Lasting Peace Requires Accountable Political Institutions

An AREU statement on the importance of elections in Afghanistan, made following the 2010 London Conference.

The Wolesi Jirga in 2010: Pre-Election Politics and the Appearance of Opposition

This brief provides some of the initial findings of AREU’s study on parliamentary functions and dynamics. It summarises initial findings based on data collected from semi-structured interviews with a sample of over 50 MPs comprising different backgrounds, provinces, genders, ethnicities, Read More

Voting Together: Why Afghanistan’s 2009 Elections were (and were not) a Disaster

This briefing paper analyses voter patterns and attitudes from three areas of Kabul Province, finding some positive signs amidst the general disarray of Afghanistan’s 2009 electoral process. At a local level, the elections did result in the changing of balances Read More