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Moving Forward? Assessing Public Administration Reform in Afghanistan

This briefing paper examines the successes and failures of the Afghan government’s public administration reform programme and makes recommendations for its improvement.

Provincial Governance Structures in Afghanistan: From Confusion to Vision?

This briefing paper examines the roles of provincial councils and provincial development committees in the context of the government’s vision for reforming subnational governance.

Key Issues in Local Governance (PowerPoint)

An AREU presentation by governance researcher Sarah Lister.

Caught in Confusion: Local Governance Structures in Afghanistan

In the context of a lack of strategic consensus, this briefing paper lays out the main issues around the structures and processes of local governance, particularly in relation to the role of provincial and district councils.

Understanding Markets in Afghanistan: A Case Study of the Construction Materials Market

This study is one of three case studies funded by the World Bank and conducted in March – April 2004 under the Political Economy and Markets Programme of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU). The case studies cover three Read More

Trading in Power: The Politics of Free Markets in Afghanistan

This briefing paper is based on the findings from a World Bank-funded study of markets related to three industries: construction materials, raisins, and carpets. The study found that a small group of businessmen with close links to political and military Read More

Understanding Markets in Afghanistan: A Case Study of the Raisin Market

This case study examines Afghanistan’s raisin market, looking at where the greatest margins are made, what connections there are between market players and what, if any, barriers are faced by new entrants.