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Household Water Insecurity: Changing Paradigm for Better Framing the Realities of Sustainable Access to Drinking Water in Afghanistan

This paper provides a critical analysis of the status of and progress on access to drinking water in Afghanistan. It shows that the claim that Afghanistan has met or is about to meet its Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on access Read More

Parliamentarians and Local Politics in Afghanistan: Elections and Instability II

This paper is primarily an ethnographic description of parliamentary political culture at the local level in three provinces in Afghanistan. It finds the role of the MPs and the competition created by elections varies significantly in each of the study Read More

Corrupting the State or State-Crafted Corruption? Exploring the Nexus between Corruption and Subnational Governance

Corruption is a central concern of Afghan citizens and a major issue on the political agenda of and for Afghanistan. It has been identified as a major threat to stability, peace-building and state-building. Co-authored by three experts in the field, Read More

The State of Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

This discussion paper provides an overview of the current state of transitional justice in Afghanistan. It is not intended to be exhaustive but attempts to establish a picture of transitional justice activities in Afghanistan today, raising the key challenges and Read More

Toward an Afghan Democracy? Exploring Perceptions of Democratisation in Afghanistan

Despite all of the attention being paid to Afghanistan’s controversial elections, one important question has gone largely unasked: What do Afghans think about democracy? This question is deeply relevant to Afghanistan’s future, and is at the heart of this AREU Read More

Reflections on the Paris Declaration and Aid Effectiveness in Afghanistan

Aid to Afghanistan is widely criticised for being ineffective. This report argues that although the principles laid out in the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness are worthy, the framework is inadequate to ensure aid effectiveness in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) Formulation Process: Influencing Factors and Challenges

This paper examines the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS), an ambitious programme which resulted from a complex series of policy interactions. The ANDS is tied to other important documents and processes related to the country’s development, including the Millennium Development Read More

Delivering on Poverty Reduction: Focusing ANDS Implementation on Pro-Poor Outcomes

This discussion paper responded to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) shortly after it was finalised. Focusing on the poverty reduction aims of the ANDS, the paper notes that in many cases the strategy fails to deliver on them. It Read More