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An Afghan Think-Tank Study Finds that Southwest Bare Land has Become Home to Up to 2.2 Million People

“What is more, this frontier area is located beyond the reaches of the Helmand and Farah rivers and the canal system that the Afghan state built to increase the taxable agricultural area,” the report says and adds, “Yet in 2016 Read More

AREU Welcomes its New Director “Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat”

Dr. Orzala Ashraf Nemat, an internationally known Afghan activist and scholar is an expert in political ethnography, holding a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and MSc in Development Planning from the University Read More

Agriculture for Nutrition in Afghanistan Stakeholder Consultation

Much attention is given in humanitarian work to therapeutic approaches to improving the nutrition of vulnerable groups, but the contribution of agricultural development and the food system to improving rural and urban diets also needs to be increased.

Decline and Stagnation: Why Rural Afghans are Staying Poor

Paula Kantor outlines some of the findings of AREU’s Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories project, highlighting how rural livelihoods for many rural Afghans are getting worse because of cost shocks related to failed harvests, healthcare spending and marriage practices.

What Makes This Time Different?

AREU Director Paula Kantor responds to the Kabul Conference

Lasting Peace Requires Accountable Political Institutions

An AREU statement on the importance of elections in Afghanistan, made following the 2010 London Conference.