Press Releases

AREU press releases that are released to the media on publications, events, or significant developments are featured here.

28 January 2019

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) launched the findings of one of its recent research papers, “The Afghan Parliament: Constitutional Mandate Versus Practice in the Post 2001 Context” in a high-profile meeting on 28…

03 February 2019

We are happy to share with you that AREU has maintained its position as the top think-tank in Afghanistan and 5th place in a list of 65 think-tanks in Central Asia in 2018. In a…

15 November 2018

AREU is pleased to present two issues papers by Dr. Mansfield, Stirring Up the Hornet’s Nest and High and Dry. Both of these papers shed a light on the impact of poppy cultivation in rural…