How to Save the Afghan Election

The unseen role of women in Afghan Communities: A Journey through Jalalabad

Women in Afghan communities play a very important role in social, economic, political and cultural aspects of the life but this role is often unseen or not considering very important because women rarely appear in public spheres. In Afghan communities Read More

AREU RESEARCH: Words Fighting A Wall

AREU’s researches are words fighting a wall… A wall built of history A wall that has witnessed and experienced conflict, anguish A wall that is principled and complex AREU’s researches are words fighting a wall… Words that are fighting for Read More

Fading 70s Splendour

‘Ever green’ Jalalabad is Afghanistan’s tropical city. Littered with palm trees and a pleasant balmy climate, it bridges the gap to Pakistan: culturally, economically, and geographically. As part of the research for AREU’s component of the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Read More

2014 – Welcome!

I am writing this as time is ticking  down the last hours and minutes of 2013. I have been watching TV and clicking through the various channels, unsurprisingly the hot topic of discussion is 2014. I know that it is Read More

Conversations with a hashish-addicted youth

On Thursday two weeks ago I started on the two-and-a-half-hours drive from Kabul to Jalalabad, to visit my family. I knew the road well, having traveled it numerous times before and I eagerly anticipated being home. The Kabul River runs Read More

The Making of the 2013 A to Z Guide

After hundreds of emails sent, copious amount of tea consumed at government offices,and countless hours spent agonizing over InDesign, the latest edition of the A to Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance is in your hands. Compiling this eleventh edition has been Read More

Water Institutions Put to the Test in the Panj-Amu River Basin

Just a few years after the unprecedented dry spell of 2008, drought has struck again in northeastern Afghanistan. With rainfed areas severely affected, irrigated areas of “the grain basket” of Afghanistan become an ever more critical resource for local livelihoods Read More

Women and Elections II: Women for Women in Bamiyan

Bonus read: AAN analyst Sare Kouvo explores some of the issues raised by AREU’s Legacies of Conflictresearch AREU is running a series of blogs examining some of the issues emerging from its research on women’s participation in parliamentary and provincial Read More

Women and Elections I: Agency and Capacity in Balkh

Over the next few weeks, AREU will be running a series of blogs examining some of the issues emerging from its research on women’s participation in parliamentary and provincial council elections. Each offering a snapshot of a different candidate or Read More