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A Study of Afghanistan’s Organization and Structure of Public Administration under the 2004 Constitution

System of public administration is one of the most important issues addressed under
Afghanistan’s Constitution. Seven articles of Chapter Eight of 2004 Constitution lay
down the basic structure and model of public administration in Afghanistan. However,
study of organization of public administration in Afghanistan reveals that some of the
constitutionally-mandated administrative institutions are not yet established, and the
current system of public administrations often diverge from the constitutional model
in significant ways. In addition to the gap between the constitutional model of public
administration and the de facto administrative system of Afghanistan, the experience of
the last decade and half also highlights a number of constitutional design flaws in area
of public administration. Until now, there are still unanswered questions about the basic
structure and model of public administration under the 2004 Constitution. The paradoxical
and ambiguous formulation of the formal constitutional framework of public administration
underscore the need for revising the constitutional provisions of public administration

Paper Type: Issues Paper
Theme: Constitutional Law
Language: English
No. of Pages: 60
Also availabe in: دری

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