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Feasibility of Potential Programmes to Increase Peace and Reduce conflict in Afghanistan

Founder(s): British Council
Status: In Progress

This is a field research that will produce a report on the “Feasibility of Potential Programmes to Increase Peace and Reduce conflict in Afghanistan.” The main concern of this research is to study the recruitment of young people youth on university campuses in Afghanistan. Preliminary reports illustrate that radical groups are active in higher education venues. Universities, which demonstrate more prominent presence of extremist groups, tend to be historically highly politicised regions of the country. Although universities may not directly preach extremisms, they provide a venue where political discussions take place and student groups are formed along political and ideological lines. At times these differences in ideologies and political views have led to violent clashes between students. This research will explore if radicalising groups are more active in certain departments rather than others, or whether some forms of education (for example engineering or medicine, are more likely to be recruited than others).


Constitutional Law

AREU’s Constitutional Law theme aims to comprehensively review the legal and political history surrounding the development of the 2004 Constitution, and provide analysis on key statutory documents. This includes examining key themes of the Constitution including separation of powers, elections law, fundamental rights, checks and balances within the government, executive review, and judicial review.  Analyzing the underlying legal and political issues surrounding the Constitution will lead to providing recommendations for law and policymakers that promote stability, transparency, and equity.