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Proposed Approach for External Review of the Afghanistan Urban Peacebuilding Programme (AUPP)

Founder(s): SDC/IDS
Status: In Progress

The review assessed the relevance, efficiency and sustainability of the first phase of AUPP and make recommendations for the development of the next intervention, in line with SDC’s strategic priorities for its work in Afghanistan. It will also provide a high-level reflection on how the theory of change for this program relates to other major governance programs including the UNDP LOGO program and the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP).

Project Advocacy: AREU held an open dialogue event in which researcher Dr Yama Torabi discussed findings on Afghanistan’s Urban Peacebuilding Program with participants, who, in turn, provided feedback and ongoing effort to support the growing number of urban-dwelling Afghans.

Publications from this research project:

Urban Safety: A Review of the Afghanistan Urban Peacebuilding Program

The notion of urban safety is relatively new in policy environment, off and on-budget municipal programing and administrative rules and practices in Afghanistan. The rapid urbanization of the last 16 years has generated specific vulnerabilities, exclusions and insecurities. The urban Read More