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Founder(s): Security
Status: Completed

AREU is conducting research on the Afghan National Army’s organisational resilience in the face of adversity – its non-financial sustainability. As Afghanistan is at war, the resilience of the ANA is a central issue as the transition towards Afghan leadership proceeds.

Previous AREU research considered different aspects of Afghanistan’s security context: contemporary and historical study of factors that drive conflict; the potential flaws of the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Plan; the international community’s lack of commitment to Afghan security issues; and, the reform of the Afghan National Police.

The current reserach on the ANA will be made avilable in summer 2013.


Publications from this research project:

Thirty Years of Conflict: Drivers of Anti-Government Mobilisation in Afghanistan 1978-2011

This paper traces the structural factors driving anti-government mobilisation in Afghanistan in each successive phase of the country’s thirty years of conflicts. Drawing on extensive literature from both international and Afghan sources, it analyses the social and political factors behind Read More

Peace at all Costs? Reintegration and Reconciliation in Afghanistan

This paper analyses the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP), which was approved in June 2010 by President Hamid Karzai and is financially backed by the international community. It identifies an array of potential flaws, each of which could seriously Read More

Peace at all Costs? Reintegration and Reconciliation in Afghanistan (Summary)

Read the report’s executive summary.

Cops or Robbers? The Struggle to Reform the Afghan National Police

Despite some notable achievements, the overall result of police reform efforts to date has been disappointing. This issues paper argues that the Afghan government and its international partners need to 1) develop a shared vision of the police; 2) implement Read More