Foreign Policy

Anna Larson and Oliver Lough published a piece on Foreign Policy’s Afpak Channel looking at Afghan perspectives on democracy.

Brookings Institution

The influential Brookings Institution cites AREU’s work on representative governance in its recent policy paper, “Toward a Political Settlement in Afghanistan.”

Voice of America, Dari service (Azadi Radio)

To coincide with the release of AREU’s report on local governance in Afghanistan, project researcher Wamiqullah Mumtaz appeared on Voice of America’s Dari service. He presented key findings and the consequent policy options and recommendations provided in the paper. He then took 40 minutes of calls from listeners, who expressed their views, comments and questions. While a range of issues were raised, particularly relevant to the research were those related to local government policy, the role of governors, decision-making and policy implementation, as well as some of the more negative aspects associated the administration of local government.  An independent Afghan analyst who spoke on the programme strongly agreed with the study’s findings.

Various Local Media

A press conference on local governance in Afghanistan by Dr Douglas Saltmarshe, which was translated into Dari and Pashto, received significant coverage in a variety of local media outlets. These included Shamshad, Noor, and Afghan News TV stations, and newspapers such Hasht-e-Sob. The aim of the conference was to draw attention to the need to focus on local governance to ensure the representation of people and their needs by their local government bodies, and to simplify local governance structures.

Tolo Tv and Afghanistan Outlook

Following the release of AREU’s paper “Governance and Representation in the Afghan Urban Transition,” AREU’s Jay Lamey was interviewed on the topic by local media. A key issue discussed was the need for urban governance solutions that provide for the needs of formal and informal city residents alike.

Various Local Media

AREU launched its recent titled “Balkh’s Economy in Transition” through a press conference on August 21, 2013. The report was widely covered by media and therefore generated a debate on consequences of transition on Afghan economy. Local media outlets dedicated significantly larger airtimes to the story are included Tolo TV, Tolonews, Arzo TV and newspapers such Hasht-e-Subeh and 2014 weekly. The aim of the conference was to draw attention to the economic implications of Transition as the focus till date has primarily been on security and governance.
روزنامه هشت صبح | اقتصادِ وابسته به جامعه جهانی، با دشواری مواجه است

1 TV

Despair or Hope: Rural Livelihoods and Opium Poppy Dynamics in Afghanistan Media Round Table Discussion
On the 6th of August, a round table, discussing AREU’s recent researches on opium was recorded and broadcasting through one of Afghanistan’s leading TV channels, 1TV. Guest panelists participated in the round table discussion, included (1)deputy minister for counter narcotics, (2)agriculture ministry’s head of alternative livelihood, (3)former counter narcotics official now independent expert on opium and (4) AREU’s deputy director for communications and advocacy. The round table run for close to one hour and broadcasted twice during one of the most-watched air times. The audio on the round table has been given to Killid Group, which will be telecasted via a number of local radio stations across the country, through Killid Group’s local media partners. you can watch this debate by copying these links in to your browser.

1 TV

Water Conflict Management in Afghanistan Media Round Table Discussion
On the 27th of October, AREU arranged for recording of a one-hour-long debate on AREU research on Water Conflict Management, with the private TV station 1TV. Mujib Azizi from AREU, along with two independent experts Mr. Fahim Massoud and Naseer Faiz on Water issues in Afghanistan took part in the debate. The debate was telecasted twice, first Friday night (31st October) and then on Saturday (1st November). you can watch this debate by copying this link in to your browser.

Afghanistan times

How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion in Afghanistan

On May 1, 2014 AREU briefed the national and international media outlets on findings of its new research entitled ‘How do social protection and labour programmes contribute to social inclusion in Afghanistan’. Afghanistan Times and ArzoTV picked up on the story. Deputy Director of Communications and Advocacy Mir Ahmad Joyenda and Shukria Azadmanish (Gender SRA) briefed the media on the findings of report.

Other Resources for Journalists

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