Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit’s (AREU’s) library has over 20,000 books, periodicals, collections of rare books (Afghanistan annals, Afghan laws since 1920) and is fully searchable online. Click here to go to the search page. Library services include internet connectivity, access to JSTOR, photocopying of materials, and pdf files.

The library is located in the AREU building.

Opening Hours:
9:30-12:30 and 13:00-16:00
(During Ramadan 08:00-13:00)
Sundays through Thursdays


The AREU library is closed on public holidays. No materials can be borrowed. To contact the library staff, email


Since 2002, the AREU has maintained a library of Afghanistan-specific materials to support its research. In 2003 the Society of South Asian Studies, formerly the British Institute of Afghan Studies (BIAS), agreed to donate an estimated 3,000 library books and off-prints about Afghanistan and the region to the AREU Library. A condition of the donation was that the collection should remain in Afghanistan and be available for all researchers to use. The BIAS, established in Kabul in 1972, had undertaken some archaeological projects and supported British scholars conducting anthropological and ethnological fieldwork. In 1981 the Institute was closed down, and the collection put into storage in the British Embassy.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Bob Knox, Carla Grissmann, Nicholas Sims-Williams and Jonathan Lee in arranging the donation of the collection to AREU, this unique resource has once again become available to researchers. Dr. Andrew Wilder, Director of AREU from 2002-05, with financial support from UNAMA, agreed that AREU would re-house the collection, provide staff to catalog those and provide funds to expand the holdings. The growing collection now includes Afghan government publications from all periods as well as donor and NGO materials published about Afghanistan, relevant publications from UN agencies, periodicals, maps, CDs and DVDs. Of particular note are the holdings of the Official Gazette (Rasmi Jaridah) and the Statistical Handbook of Afghanistan. The AREU library’s main aim is not to compete with international collections, but rather to gather and preserve relevant materials available both within Afghanistan and abroad for use by national and international researchers.

AREU acknowledges the role of Royce Wills for his dedication and hard work of more than ten years in putting in place the AREU library.

The AREU Library

AREU’s library has thousands of titles, and the catalogue is fully searchable online.