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AREU Celebrates Another Year of Notable Ranking in the 2018 Edition of the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go To Think…


Afghan Think-Tank Remains One of the Best In Central Asia

Research on Nomad-Settler Conflict: The Afghan State Cannot Leave the Issue Unmanaged KABUL, 13 January 2018: The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit…


Kabul Citizens Vote to Strength Kabul Citizens Vote to Strengthen Democracy and Reform, Despite Lacking Trust in the Process


Two Papers On Poppy Cultivation in Rural Helmand From Varying Perspectives

Relief Web

Swinging Between Hope and Despair: Kabul Citizens’ Voting Behaviour in the 2018 Wolesi Jirga Election


Swinging Between Hope and Despair

Zaman News

Kabul flocks to vote in bid to rebuild broken nation despite low levels of trust Kabul citizens are willing to…


Swinging Between Hope and Despair: Kabul Citizen’s Voting Behavior in the 2018 Wolesi Jirga Elections


Afghan Health Indicators Improve Considerably From Extremely Low Level