The State of Transitional Justice

Emily Winterbotham made a presentation and facilitated a discussion group at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung with the Young Leaders Forum on the topic of transitional justice.

Microcredit, Community Development Councils and their Influence Women’s Empowerment: Lessons from Parwan Province

Sogol Zand and Chona Echavez provided a joint presentation based on research in Parwan Province analysing women’s participation in the National Solidarity Programme and microcredit programmes and its significance for women’s empowerment.

Connecting Policy to Practice: An Integrated Review of Key Issues for the Kabul Conference

AREU and the Ministry of Finance held a joint roundtable titled “Connecting Policy to Practice: An Integrated Review of Key Issues for the Kabul Conference,” at which senior AREU researchers presented to members of the Kabul Conference Cluster Groups, followed Read More

The State of Transitional Justice

Emily Winterbotham described some of the efforts that organisations involved in the field of transitional justice are working on, while at the same time acknowledging several of the key challenges that are involved in this type of work in Afghanistan. Read More

Roundtable on Subnational Corruption

This roundtable was attended by about 20 experts on corruption and anticorruption from a variety of organisations. Discussion was lively and focused largely on recommendations emanating from recent AREU research on this topic, and how to move forward with anti-corruption Read More

The Nexus Between Corruption and Sub-national Governance in Afghanistan

This public lecture by Yama Torabi highlighted findings from recent research on corruption at the subnational level, and possible approaches for addressing it.

Winning Hearts and Mind? Aid and Stabilisation in Insecure and Secure Areas

Former AREU director Paul Fishstein presented on his research in Balkh Province, examining the relationship between development activities and security. This was a well attended public lecture.

For Better or for Worse? Evidence on Afghan Livelihoods from Badakhshan and Kandahar

This presentation at AREU by Dr. Adam Pain outlined the results of two village and household case studies in the contrasting provinces of Kandahar and Badakhshan. It outlined the livelihood pathways of study households since 2002. In Kandahar these were Read More

What Makes This Time Different?

AREU Director Dr Paula Kantor presented AREU’s response to the 2010 Kabul Conference to the press.

Democracy and Democratisation in Afghanistan

AREU’s governance team (Mohammad Hassan Wafaey, Muneer Salamzai and Farid Ahmad Bayat) gave a presentation at the Afghan Civil Society Forum-organisation (ACSFo) on how Afghans define and perceive “democracy” and democratisation in their country. Key findings from AREU research in Read More