Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories: Evidence from Sar-i-Pul

Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories: Evidence from Sar-i-Pul



Authors Human Security and Drug Policy in Afghanistan, Executive Programme.
Type Case Study
Theme Social Protection and Livelihoods
Language English
Date of Publication May 01, 2010
Total Pages 65
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The Sar-i-Pul case study from the Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories (ALT) project, which explored rural livelihood change in four provinces of Afghanistan. The study built on a baseline research study conducted by AREU in 2002-3, providing a unique opportunity to follow the changes in rural livelihoods of a selection of the same households in 2008-9. By studying their stories in depth, the study aims to create a greater understanding of what has driven changes in welfare and livelihood security throughout the years, and shed light on the changes in the context within which people lead their lives.