EYES WIDE SHUT: Counter-Narcotics in Transition

EYES WIDE SHUT: Counter-Narcotics in Transition



Authors David Mansfield, Paul Fishstein
Type Briefing Paper
Theme Natural Resource Management
Language English
Date of Publication September 24, 2013
Total Pages 28
Available In English | پشتو | دری
It is now clear that the production and trade of opiates will have a significant influence on not only the economic, political and security landscape, but even the physical terrain of post-Transition Afghanistan. Levels of opium poppy cultivation are already rising; estimated cultivated area rose by 18 percent in 2012 and is likely to rise significantly over the next few years. And this trend may intensify further as politico-military actors make deals and form coalitions in response to the 2014 handover of security responsibility from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).