The Assessment of EU Crisis Response in Afghanistan

The Assessment of EU Crisis Response in Afghanistan



Authors Chona R. Echavez, Qayoom Suroush
Type Briefing Paper
Theme Social Protection and Livelihoods
Language English
Date of Publication December 04, 2017
Total Pages 8
Available In English | پشتو | دری
The European Union with the Member States have been key donors for Afghanistan who have donated approximately EUR 8 billion for the period 2002-2010. With the collaboration of international partners, the EU took on a major role in the stabilisation and reconstruction efforts.1 After the overthrow of Taliban rule in 2001, the international community, along with various Afghan political elites, attended the UN conference in Bonn that resulted the Bonn Agreement to determine the establishment of the Afghan interim government and also the deployment of international military forces to aid the new administration in ensuring the security of Kabul and other provinces. The EU and its member states agreed to assist the government of Afghanistan in establishing a sturdy framework of the rule of law in the country