AREU produces approximately 30 original publications per year in English, Dari, and Pashto, based on recent and ongoing research projects. A pool of language and technical editors, peer-reviewers, translators, and designers work for these publications to ensure standard quality.

All papers are released online when completed and are available for download from AREU’s website (, along with documents, such as press releases and AREU event proceedings.

Printed versions are produced and distributed free-of-charge to offices throughout Afghanistan, such as government and non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, donors, academia & universities,  national and international media. A publication room is also maintained at the AREU office in Kabul, from which hard copies of most papers can be obtained free of charge.

For queries, you may contact — you may sign-up for online subscription and notification of AREU’s publication.

AREU publications are available online usually in the form of the print-ready layout, compressed for file size.

Our publications come in a variety of formats, which are listed below:

  •  Issues Papers provide an in-depth analysis of a particular issue.
  • Synthesis Papers draw together the findings and recommendations of AREU’s long-term research projects.
  • Briefing Papers are designed to engage a broad audience and to shape and inform policy debate.
  • Discussion Papers are aimed at disseminating ideas on a timely topic to provoke discussion.
  • Policy Notes are four-page documents that focus on policy recommendations.
  • Briefs are shorter papers for topical or time-sensitive issues.
  • Case Studies focus on specific geographic issues or programming areas.
  • Supplementary resources such as Watching Brief,  conference proceedings, annotated bibliographies,  method notes and literature reviews.