Ongoing Research Projects

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)

Proposed Approach for External Review of the Afghanistan Urban Peacebuilding Programme (AUPP)

Feasibility of Potential Programmes to Increase Peace and Reduce conflict in Afghanistan


Women in Agriculture

Needs Assessment on Water Sector

Three-pronged research effort into essential areas of Natural Resources Management (NRM)

International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES)

Afghanistan Constitutional Law Research and Dialogues Series

Stakeholder and policy mapping – Afghanistan

A to Z Guide

Completed Researchs

Follow up on Secure Livelihoods Consortium (SLRC) 1

Policy Research Institutions and the Health SDGs: Building Momentum in South Asia, Country Report – Afghanistan

Prevalence of Gender Based Violence among Internally Displaced boys and girls in Kabul City, Afghanistan

When Will Transitional Justice in Afghanistan Become a Part of the Transitional Decade?

Governance Forum Afghanistan (Govern4Afg)

Rural Livelihood Security and Opium Poppy Dynamics – Supporting Income Diversification and Transition Out of Opium Poppy

Case studies of gender norms, agency and innovation in wheat based livelihood systems

Women’s Leadership Development

Human Trafficking

Sociology and Politics of High Schools Activism in Afghanistan

Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)

Governance and Political Economy

Balkh’s Economy in Transition

Afghanistan National Development Strategy

Sociology and Politics of High Schools Activism in Afghanistan

Afghan Masculinities and its impact on Gender Equality in Afghanistan

The Afghan Constitutional Analysis and Dialogues

Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC)

Mapping Women’s Economic Activity in Afghanistan

Social Protection for Informal Workers: Supporting Social Inclusion in Asia

Afghanistan Looking Ahead: Research Briefs for the 2011 Bonn Conference

Women’s Participation in Parliamentary and Provincial Elections, 2004-10

Water Management, Livestock and the Opium Economy

Opportunities for Democratic Governance in Afghan Cities

Natural Resource Management

Developments in Local Government: A View from the Ground

Women’s Participation in Development

Urban Livelihoods and Vulnerability

Understanding Markets in Afghanistan

Legacies of Conflict: Justice, Reconciliation and Ways Forward

State-building and Local Governance

Speaking from the Evidence: Policy Notes for the 2010 Kabul Conference


School Enrolment Decision Making

Rural Livelihoods Monitoring

Representative Governance

Political Economy

National Solidarity Programme 2004-05

Land Rights and Relations

Informal Credit and Microcredit Systems


Gender and Local Level Decision-Making

Family Dynamics and Family Violence


Community-Based Dispute Resolution

Child Labour

Aid Effectiveness and Coordination

Afghanistan Research Newsletter

Afghanistan National Development Strategy

Migration and Transnational Networks

Policy Process

Afghanistan Livelihood Trajectories

A Guide to Government in Afghanistan