A Balancing Act for Extractive Sector Governance

A Balancing Act for Extractive Sector Governance



Authors Javed Noorani, Lien De Brouckere
Type Issues Paper
Theme Natural Resource Management
Language english
Date of Publication July 14, 2016
Total Pages 68
Available In English | پشتو | دری
The first issue paper which is presented to the public in June 2016 concerns mining governance. Afghanistan is estimated to hold 1 to 3 trillion USD in untapped mineral deposits, ranging from lootable ones (such as gems, marble, gold, coal, lapis lazuli and the like) to more non-lootable ones (such as iron ore, copper, oil and gas). Yet, most of the extractive sector activities today in Afghanistan are artisanal, small-or medium-scale. Up to 10,000 deposits are not under government control and marred with continuing conflict and violence, resulting in significant revenue losses from illegal extraction.